The genre of Historical Fiction has always intrigued me. I think it is because its boundaries are so enigmatic. A piece of historical fiction can paint historical figures in new lights or simply place new characters in a familiar period. It can illuminate the past or tell us something about our imminent future. This passion for such an expansive and important genre of literature translates very well into an expansive and important (or so I think) unit of study.

The idea for this unit came from reading The Poisonwood Bible for the second time. I realized that the way in which the story was told was truly unique. It shows 4 different perspectives (from four different children of varying ages and personalities) of an important social/historical event: Independence of The Demacratic Republic of the Congo from Belgium. From this seemingly unlikely source, I had the idea for my students to write out their own version of a historical event from four different perspectives in order to not only further hone writing skills but also anylize how plot, characterization, setting, tone, point-of-view, and mood can affect the way we see history. I enjoy this unit every time I do it, and I am always surprised by how much my students get out of it. I have seen the greatest advances in writing confidence and writing proficiency for the most reluctant of my writers during this project, and I hope to continue to see the same progess in future iterations of this project.