Ms. Choi's Blog Agreement

Internet safety is very important. In order to participate in our Blogs, please read the following list of agreements with your child. Please sign and date this agreement and return to Ms. Choi. Thanks for your cooperation!

  1. I will never post any information more personal than my first name.
  2. I will not plagiarize, instead I will expand on others' ideas and gi their writing.
  3. I will only post pieces that I am comfortable with everyone seeing; other pieces I will keep as drafts.
  4. I will not be afraid to
  5. Give credit where it is due.
  6. I will use language appropriate for school.
  7. I will not insult my fellow students or
  8. express my ideas.
  9. I will try to spell everything correctly.
  10. I will not bully others in my blog posts or in my comments.
  11. I will personalize my blog and keep my writing authentic, while taking responsibility for anything blogged in my name.
  12. I will only post photos which are school appropriate.
  13. I will only post comments on posts that I have fully read, rather than just skimmed.
  14. I will talk with my parents or guardian so that we can set up rules for going online. The rules will include the time of day I may be online, the length of time I may be online, whom I may communicate with while online, and appropriate areas for me to visit while online. I will not break these rules or access other areas without their permission.
  15. I will tell a trusted adult if I come across anything that makes me feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused. I will not download anything from anyone without permission from my parents or guardian.
  16. I will never share personal information such as my address, my telephone number, my parents’ or guardian’s work address/telephone number, or the name and location of my school without my parents’ or guardian’s permission.
  17. I will never meet in person with anyone I have first “met” online without checking with my parents or guardian. If my parents or guardian agrees to the meeting, it will be in a public place and my parents or guardian must come along.

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