At the beginning of most of my classes, I pose a question to my students. I try to make sure that these questions have multiple enterences with many different "right" answers. I would consider most of them to be interpretive in nature, and so they require quite a bit of thought from the students. These questions are called Write-Ons because they asks the students to write on a particular topic, but because they are interpretive questions, they are not prompts in the traditional sense. Prompts seemingly have one right way of attacking them, whereas Write-Ons can be answered flippantly or seriously, as a story or an essay. A Write-On only asks students to engage with the topic in someway, to transform it into words that mean something to them.

The following Write-On pages are associated with particular units and can be navigated to from either this page or from their corresponding unit pages:

The following Write-Ons are not associated with any particular unit. They can be asked durring almost any part of the year in order to stimulate discussion, writing ideas, or deeper knowledge in a particular area:

  1. What is it about one life that makes us value it over another?
    • Why does magnitude matter to our empathy/sympathy reflex?