The Classroom Drama unit is one that I used (and created) in the 2004-2005 school year but did not use during the 2005-2006 school year. The reasons for this hiatus are as follows:

  • The technology of colloborative class writing, which this unit requires to be truly effective was not available. (The first version of this unit required me to spend a lot of time editing the class plays on my own and a lot of class time used huddled around one computer debating the merits of certain lines of text).
  • This project asks my students to create characters that are mean/disrespectful to a teacher. (The first version of this unit was wildly successful in this pursuit, but taxed my beginner abilities in classroom management. I wanted to wait a year until my skills were better honed to again try and separate the play from the expectations of my everyday classroom.)
  • I didn't know how to orchestrate the level of student responsibility that this kind of project requires. (The first version of this unit saw me creating an iMovie of the plays, compiling most of the writing, developing the lesson that the plays were based upon, and fully directing all four plays from rehersal to performance.)

I have fully resolved all of these issues, and I am genuinly excited about trying this unit again because it teaches my students all aspects of "Drama" in an authentic and creative way. It also provides an outlet for great dialogue writers, actors, class clowns, multimedia creators, future teachers, and wallflowers to either do what they do best or to step into a new role. Here is the way that I think this should go.