Although The Weekly Authentic is the backbone of our blogs, there are many other things that you can do with your blogs that will allow you to get more out of it. This page is dedicated to making your blog the best it can be while helping to create a community of readers and writers within the Discovery team.

  • Personally Connection World Events:

    • Your blog is both personal and public, just as world events can affect you personally and affect the world around you. By blogging about these events you are able to joing in a global conversation about them while still connecting to them in a personal and sometime cathartic way. Here are some examples of how teachers connected to the events of 9/11 on the 5th anniversary of the tragedy:
    • You can view the Discovery 9/11 memorial posts here.

  • Commenting Back (Or Commenting on Comments):

    • Continue the discussion either on their blog or on yours.This produces a conversation about your writing. It also enriches the community through true collaboration.

  • Create a "Building Comment"

    • A “Building Comment” comes in two parts. The first is where you take the best idea for a post that you have found on our blogs so far and you comment on it as a post in your own blog. The second is when you branch off from their idea and go in a new direction with it. We do “Building Comments” so that we can grow the discussion of our writing and continue to create our blogging community. The only requirement for a “Building Comment” is that you link to the other person’s page. If you don’t know how to link, click here.
    • Look here to see my example of a building comment.
    • Look here to see the Building Comment Hall of Fame.