The Internet is the greatest mind of any generation. It is the largest collection of ideas and possibilities, the most precise resource, the gb as;kgjbsg'jbwrg'oilkgbmnvfes where social norms do not exist and destructive ideas fester. We should not take the dark recesses of the Internet lightly nor should we simply cower in fear of them. We should rather illuminate and discuss them so that awareness and knowledge can purge these harmful ideas from their often-influential position. If we remain unorganized and uninformed, the unsavory parts of the Internet will continue to pervert our collective intelligence and potential and transform it into something downright scary. I am, of course, talking about online bullying, Internet predators, and cyber harassment.

This site is dedicated to creating a community of parents, teachers, and students that are dedicated to making the Internet safe for all Discovery students. The information on this site will help us to make better decisions about online activities, to know what is appropriate internet/computer behavior both in and out of school, and to set expectations for one another in terms of supervision and support. If you know of a resource that is not represented here, please use cleverstocks to tell me about it.

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